The effect of Sevoflurane vs. Isoflurane on Emergence Time and PACU Length of Stay
ESA Academy, Kamal Maheshwari, 219775
Association between American Society Anesthesiologist Physical Status classification and postoperative survival in patients subjected with a major surgical intervention in a high-complexity hospital.
ESA Academy, Sofia Yevenes, 219776
Lidocaine infusion for enhanced recovery in hystercetomy : a clinical trial.
ESA Academy, Anouar Jarraya, 219777
The role of Intravenous lidocaine in preventing chronic postoperative Pain – a systematic review
ESA Academy, Leonor Silva e Sousa, 219778
Effects of intraoperative fluid volume and blood pressure on postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing breast surgery
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The Path to Enhance Recovery after Colorectal Surgery
ESA Academy, Olga Daniela Santos, 219780
Oculocardiac reflex during face mask ventilation
ESA Academy, Carolina Oliveira, 219791
Anestehetic Management of a Patient with Kabuki Make-up  and Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome
ESA Academy, Senem Koruk, 219792
Rare diseases, an anesthetic challenge. Report of one case of Phelan-McDermid Syndrome
ESA Academy, Jaime Bragado Domingo, 219793
Ultrasound verus ultrasound associated to neurostimulation: Bupivacaine minimum dose in the supraclavicular block
ESA Academy, mehdi elhamdi, 219953
Respiratory effects of Interscalene Brachial Plexus Blocks
ESA Academy, Yean Chin Lim, 219954
Anesthesia techniques for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery in the Netherlands
ESA Academy, Elise Kropman, 219955
Continuous interscalene block versus single shot interscalene block with periarticular injection for shoulder arthroplasty
ESA Academy, Leandro Lumermann, 219956
Anesthetic management in a pregnant patient with CADASIL.
ESA Academy, Lorena Gomez-Diago, 220079
Hemodynamic Monitoring for Fetal Surgery: Open versus Fetoscopic Repair of Myelomeningocele
ESA Academy, Kemal Tolga Saracoglu, 220080
Anaesthesia for cesarian section in a patient with portal hypertension caused by Schistossomiasis. Case report
ESA Academy, Vanessa Carvalho, 220081
Caesarean delivery in pregnancy complicated by Buerger’s disease
ESA Academy, Kai Wen Yeo, 220082
Anaesthetic Management of a Parturient with Pyogenic Ventriculitis for Caesarean Delivery
ESA Academy, Keith Kennedy, 220083
Regional anesthesia for C-section in parturient with congenital heart disease (CHD) and implantable cardioverter defibirillator (ICD): a case report.
ESA Academy, Maria Lema Tome, 220084
The changes of depth of tracheal cube by head and neck movement during dental surgery under general anesthesia for children.
ESA Academy, Masanori Tsukamoto, 220174
The effect of different intraabdominal pressure on thiol/disulphide homeostasis in children who underwent ambulatory laparoscopic surgery: A prospective randomized study
ESA Academy, Seyda Efsun Ozgunay, 220175
Aicardi-Goutiéres syndrome - anaesthetic considerations in light of a case
ESA Academy, Nelson Santos, 220176
Children's caudal anesthesia during hypospadias repair
ESA Academy, Andrei Karamyshau, 220177
Immunogenicity and safety of inactivated vaccine in preoperative children.
ESA Academy, Yumiko Oi, 220178
Parental Presence at Induction of Anesthesia: A Survey Reflecting Parents’ Experiences
ESA Academy, Gabriela Alcaraz Garcia Tejedor, 220179
EEG-based monitoring of BIS and burst suppression associated with intracranial pressure in a patient with severe traumatic brain injury: a case report
ESA Academy, Cristiane Gurgel Lopes, 220259
Anesthetic Management of a Pediatric Patient During Surgical Excision of Primary Cerebral Hydatid Cyst
ESA Academy, Murat izgi, 220260
Minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring and BIS/burst suppression monitoring during endovascular treatment of descending thoracic aortic dissection
ESA Academy, Sara Lúcia Ferreira Cavalcante, 220350
Right ventricular strain as a predictor of vascular filling responsiveness in cardiac surgery
ESA Academy, Christopher Scott, 220351
The relationship between postoperative haemodynamic variables and the development of postoperative delirium after cardiac surgery
ESA Academy, Khalid Waleed Abdul-Latif, 220530
Functional ultrasounds as a guide in the diagnose of shock in a 33-year-old woman suffering an abortion, is it volume the answer? A case report.
ESA Academy, Josep Martí Sanahuja Blasco, 220531
Persistent post-ICU pain: a systematic review
ESA Academy, Otto Mäkinen, 220532
The Association of laparoscopic surgeries and postoperative renal injury in noncardiac surgery - A retrospective analysis
ESA Academy, Kurt Ruetzler, 220814
Prophylaxis of Diphenhydramine on Postoperative Catheter Related Bladder Discomfort in Patients Undergoing Gynecologic Laparoscopic Surgery: A Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Study
ESA Academy, Yan-Syun Zeng, 220815
Pre anesthesia evaluation: routine prescriptions or indicated prescriptions?
ESA Academy, Hosni Khouadja, 220816
Preoperative dependency and outcome after surgery in elderly patients
ESA Academy, João Sarmento e Castro, 220817
Patients with obstructive sleep apnea: evaluation of the sensitivity of the peripheral chemoreflex.
ESA Academy, Nikita Trembach, 220818
Unclear leadership challenges perioperative resuscitation – a simulation study
ESA Academy, Leila Niemi-Murola, 220992
Efficacy of metronome app and mental metronome “La Macarena” to improve the quality of chest compressions
ESA Academy, Enrique Jesus Carrero Cardenal, 220993
Pork belly : a novel training phantom for skill of hydro-dissection in a transversus abdominis plane block in novice anesthesia residents
ESA Academy, Qi Li, 220994
High-fidelity is not superior to low-fidelity medical simulation and leads to overconfidence in medical students
ESA Academy, Christina Massoth, 220995
ESA Academy, Sergey Pismensky, 220996
Routine BIS monitoring allows to cut down the costs of volatile anaesthetics
ESA Academy, Agata Andruszak Kot, 219765
"Triple-low" – the unicorn of anaesthesiology?
ESA Academy, Maciej Borun, 219766
Correlation between triple low and ASA score – does it exist?
ESA Academy, Patrycja Dyl, 219767
Comparison of Adequacy of Anaesthesia monitoring with Standard clinical practice during routine general anaesthesia: an international, multi-centre, single-blinded randomized controlled trial.
ESA Academy, Matthias Grünewald, 219768
Comparison between UNICON Index and Bispectral Index using Population Pharmacodynamic Analysis during Sevoflurane Anesthesia
ESA Academy, Seong Wook Jeong, 219769
Continuous optical blood pressure measurement in the perioperative setting
ESA Academy, Yassine Ali Ghamri, 219770
Comparison of Ramsay Sedation Score and BIS monitoring in sedoanalgesia for ERCP 
ESA Academy, Ferda Yilmaz Inal, 219771
A novel modified nasal PAP mask assembly maintained spontaneous ventilation and oxygenation in a morbidly obese patient with severe obstructive sleep apnoea and asthma during ambulatory hysteroscopy and D&C under spinal anaesthesia
ESA Academy, James Tse, 219914
Avoiding a broken heart during anestesia - Management of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy  
ESA Academy, Zara Nogueira, 219915
Postherniorrhaphy urinary retention after general? and spinal anesthesia in an ambulatory setting (observational prospective study)
ESA Academy, Berta Castellano Paulis, 219916
The impact of superficial peroneal, deep peroneal and posterior tibial ultrasound block on patients' satisfaction undergoing hallux valgus surgery in ambulatory
ESA Academy, Joana Veiga Jorge Torres, 219917
Trismus in ambulatory setting: a clinical case
ESA Academy, Catarina Monteiro, 219918
A specific clinical pathway improves efficiency of ambulatory surgical centers
ESA Academy, Diogo Matias da Lopes, 219919
Unanticipated admission after ambulatory surgery: 10 year retrospective audit
ESA Academy, Rui Cerqueira Vieira, 219920
Neuroaxial anesthesia in systemic sclerosis
ESA Academy, Marta Coelho, 219943
Segmental spinal anesthesia for small-incision cholecystectomy in a low-ressource field hospital.
ESA Academy, Younes Aissaoui, 219944
Comparing  effects of combined general/epidural anesthesia and general anesthesia on serum pro and anti-tumorigenic cytokines in major urologic surgery
ESA Academy, Meltem Savran Karadeniz, 219945
Efficacy of thoracic paravertebral nerve block for patients who undergo video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery- randomised controlled trial-
ESA Academy, Hironobu Ueshima, 219946
Does neuraxial anesthesia damage DNA as general anesthesia?
ESA Academy, David Astapenko, 219947
Postoperative analgesic quality of the BRILMA block vs continous epidural infusion in open liver surgery.
ESA Academy, Tomas Miguel Cuñat Lopez, 219948
The ultrasound scan is not superior to the landmarks technique for performing regular lumbar regional anesthesia.
ESA Academy, Georgios Kotsovolis, 219949
The intavenous role of ondansetron in reducing nausea, vomiting and pruritus on patients who  underwent  spinal anesthesia with bupivacain 10mg and morphine 0.2mg for  transurethral Prostate (TURP).
ESA Academy, Haxhire Gani, 219950
Continuous spinal block as part of balanced anaesthesia for robotic-assisted major pancreatic surgery
ESA Academy, Fung Chen Tsai, 219951
Strategic management of critical obstetric hemorrhage with disseminated intravascular coagulation by using a portable fibrinogen measuring device
ESA Academy, Yoko Hikida, 220069
Can early administration of fibrinogen improve post partum hemorrhage? A Prospective observational study.
ESA Academy, Anouar Jarraya, 220070
Change in postpartum haemorrhage treatment strategy may decrease massive transfusions
ESA Academy, Samuli Jokinen, 220071
Interest in pelvic packing after hysterectomy for obstetrical haemostasis in maternal rescue: A retrospective study.
ESA Academy, Hosni Khouadja, 220072
Amniotic fluid embolism: A Case of Successful Cardiac Ultrasound and Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) Guided Resuscitation in a Patient Undergoing Caesarean Section
ESA Academy, Katarina Marusic Gaser, 220073
Von Willebrand disease in pregnancy: Is it neuraxial anesthesia safe? - A case report
ESA Academy, Ana Sofia Fernandes, 220074
ESA Academy, Luz Bueno, 220333
The prediction of ventricular fibrillation after release of aortic cross-clamping in cardiovascular surgery patients
ESA Academy, Kazuya Tanigawa, 220334
Case Scenario about General Anesthesia Management of  Patient with Pulmonary Vein Stenosis underwenCase Scenario about General Anesthesia Management of  Patient with Pulmonary Vein Stenosis underwent Balloon Dilatation and Stent Implantationt Balloon Dilatation and Stent Implantation
ESA Academy, Peng Liang, 220335
Importance of purine metabolites in preeclampsia and acute cerebral stroke
ESA Academy, Evgeny Oreshnikov, 220518
Posterior reversibile encelophathy syndrome (PRES) after vaginal delivery
ESA Academy, Sanja Cuk, 220519
Pathogenesis of delayed cerebral ischemia in aneurysmal subanachroid haemorrhage– a multimodality monitoring study
ESA Academy, Katarzyna Forkasiewicz, 220520
Challenges in the assessment of post-extubation neurological status in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU): case report of a major burn patient
ESA Academy, Carolina Cardoso, 220521
Stroke  patterns of postmortem purines in blood and cerebrospinal fluid
ESA Academy, Evgeny Oreshnikov, 220522
Dexmedetomidine preserves the endothelial glycocalyx and improves survival in a rat heatstroke model
ESA Academy, Kensuke Kobayashi, 220523
Lung injury does not aggravate early cerebral inflammation or apoptosis in an animal model.
ESA Academy, Jens Kamuf, 220524
Postoperative cerebral tissue oxygen desaturation is associated with the development of postoperative delirium after cardiac surgery
ESA Academy, Ward Eertmans, 220525
Horner syndrome secondary to a traumatic internal carotid artery dissection
ESA Academy, Maria Elena Sanchez Royo, 220526
Generalized tonic-clonic seizure related to naproxen-sodium overdose: a case report
ESA Academy, Deniz Kizilay, 220527
Predicting perioperative acute kidney injury in liver surgery.
ESA Academy, Laurent Coeman, 220797
The autophagy inhibitor 3 methyl-adenine exacerbates cytolysis of ex-vivo perfused liver from fasting rat
ESA Academy, Berengere Papegay, 220798
Patient State Index versus Bispectral Index in cirrhotic patients and non-cirrhotics undergoing hepatic resection: A controlled randomized study
ESA Academy, Khaled Yassen, 220799
Autophagy might explain why release of cytolysis markers by ex-vivo perfused rat liver is less exacerbated by 24h than 18h fasting
ESA Academy, Berengere Papegay, 220805
Release of cytolysis markers by ex-vivo perfused rat liver is unexpectedly less exacerbated by 24h than 18h fasting
ESA Academy, Berengere Papegay, 220806
Preoperative cognitive assessment: development of a self-administered screening tool and normative data for an elderly population
ESA Academy, Nicolai Goettel, 220960
Ophthalmic surgical elderly patient access to health care
ESA Academy, Nuno Morais de Babo, 220965
Postoperative Delirium in elderly patients
ESA Academy, Daniela Filipa Marques Cristelo, 220966
Efficacy of frailty to predict postoperative outcomes in geriatric patients: A meta-analysis
ESA Academy, Sheng-Kai Hung, 220967
Mild cognitive impairment in elderly surgical patients.
ESA Academy, Marta Campos, 220968
Value of  difficult airway management courses for post-graduate education of anesthesiologists
ESA Academy, Pervin Sutas Bozkurt, 220986
Assessment of Non-Technical Skills after Life Support Courses – a prospective questionnaire study
ESA Academy, Sabine Nabecker, 220987
Development and Initial Results from Anaesthesiology Residents using Adaptive E-learning in Advanced Airway Management.
ESA Academy, Ebbe Bessmann, 220988
Learning curve for spinal anesthesia as a basic skill in the training program of the anesthesia resident in faculty of medicine, Cairo university
ESA Academy, Hassan Ali, 220989
The influence of training experience on trainees’ self-assessment in cardiac anaesthesia: A 8-year retrospective exploratory evaluation.
ESA Academy, Hiroyuki Kojima, 220990
Perioperative management of diabetic patients - a survey of junior doctors current practice
ESA Academy, Tamina Khalil, 220991

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