Impact of high levels of preoperative Nt-proBNP on intraoperative haemodynamic behaviour and postoperative outcome in patients undergoing liver transplantation
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Indocyanine green elimination measurement may detect a procoagulant imbalance following major liver resection. Preliminary results
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Comparison University of Wisconsin (UW) solution and alanine for cold preservation of liver
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Remote Ischemic Preconditioning combined with Diazoxide Attenuates from Hepatic Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Induced by Ischemia and Reperfusion
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The effect of pneumoperitoneuom on systemic haemodynamic and hepatic enzymes in cirrhotic versus non cirrhotic patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery using non-invasive Electrical Cardiometry.
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The effects of Temporary Portocaval shunt during live donor liver transplantation on the haemodynamics and laboratory parameters of the anhepatic and reperfusion phases.
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The effects of lateral 45° downward position and carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum on the optic nerve sheath diameter in patients undergoing laparoscopic transperitoneal nephrectomies: A prospective observational study
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Association of cisplatin-based nephrotoxicity in hyperthermic intraperitoneal intra-operative chemotherapy: a retrospective study
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Postoperative abdomen pain after laparoscopic cystectomy with normal-pressure pneumoperitoneum versus high-pressure
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Cystectomy in a Central Lisbon Hospital: a 3 year experience
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The relationship between intraoperative blood pressure variability and all-cause mortality and postoperative acute kidney injury
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Living Donors in Renal Transplantation: clinical follow-up
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Impact of obesity after elective surgery in elderly patients
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Electrocardiogram differences in reperfusion phase of kidney transplantations from living donors
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Effect of mean arterial pressure (MAP) on early graft function of renal transplant recipients. Our experience.
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Robotic partial nephrectomy under opioid free general anesthesia (OFA): A comparative study
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Sevoflurane anesthesia increases renal vascular permeability in rats.
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Ultrasound-guided Selective Versus Conventional block of the Medial Brachial Cutaneous and the Intercostobrachial Nerves.
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The sonoanatomical relation of trunk level of brachial plexus at supraclavicular fossa
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Use of ultrasound for epidural neuraxial blockade in hip and knee replacement surgeries: A randomised controlled study 
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Comparison between palpation and ultrasound assessment of spinal level in pregnant women undergone spinal anesthesia
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The Most Frequently Cited 100 Articles on Ultrasonography in the Anaesthesia Literature
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Ultrasound-guided fascial block of the intercostal nerves, new multimodal approach in laparotomy of the upper abdomen a descriptive study.
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Title : Analgesic efficacy of caudal dexamethasone combined with bupivacaine in ilioinguinal pediatric surgery: prospective randomized controlled trial.
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Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Block with different bupivacaine concentrations in paediatric patients undergoing unilateral inguinal hernia repair surgery: A Prospective Randomised Double-Blinded study 
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Emergence Delirium in children is not related to intraoperative Electroencephalogram suppression – findings from a prospective, observational study
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Postoperative cognitive dysfunction and age of children
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Safety and quality in children anesthesia for gastroscopy
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Nasal RAM cannulae for breathing support and inhalation anaesthesia in infants during laryngoscopy.
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Effects of surgery under anesthesia with different concentrations of sevoflurane on the acquisition of spatial memory in adult rats
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Anaesthetic considerations in a patient with kernicterus for stereotactic bilateral insertion of deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrodes into internal globus pallidus (GPi) nuclei.
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 EEG predictors of cerebral ischemia as a criteria for the intensive care effectiveness.
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Is TCI sufentanil the optimal choice of opioid during general anesthesia for endoscopic surgery resection of pituitary adenomas?
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Dexmedetomidine attenuates up-regulation of the Rtn4rl2 gene and restores down-regulation of the Syt1 gene induced by sevoflurane/surgery stress in the hippocampus of elderly mice
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Different microglia response after xenon-immediate or delayed postconditioning in a rabbit model of spinal cord ischemia reperfusion injury
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Interventional neuroradiology- the specific challenges for anesthesiologist
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Familiar multiple paragangliomas - a case report
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SmartPilot® view-guided target controlled infusion anesthesia can be promising for spinal surgery
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Non-invasive intraoperative cerebral autoregulation: Monitoring and retrospective calculation of optimal arterial blood pressure in neurosurgical patients
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Anesthesia for cerebral hemispherectomy in Rasmunssen Syndrome - Two clinical cases
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Management of a patient with Eisenmenger Syndrome requiring emergency laparotomy in a District General Hospital-A case report
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New biomarker of oxidative damage in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy.
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Preparation of drugs in theatre by non-medically qualified practitioners: A comparison of practice in cardiac centres in the United Kingdom.
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Postoperative Atrial Fibrilation (POAF) Score validation in our population
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'Massive Pulmonary Embolism Following Varicose Vein Surgery Under Spinal Anesthesia''
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Changes on thoracic aorta's structure with an antiarrhythmic agent
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Rapid ascent to high altitude (4559 m) does not impair left ventricular diastolic function in healthy volunteers
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Perioperative goal-directed fluid therapy related reduction in postoperative epidural 0.1% Bupivacaine consumption using PCEA infusion in total hip arthroplasty patients
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Single shot bilateral quadratus lumborum block, a suboptimal alternative when neuroaxial or perineural catheterization are hazardous
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What makes for GOOD outcomes in women undergoing Caesarean Section – findings from PAIN OUT
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The correlation of pain intensity during local infiltration for spinal anesthesia and subsequent pain after cesarean section
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Cancer-free or overall survival rate following radical prostatectomy is not influenced by perioperative pain management. A retrospective comparison of intravenous patient-controlled analgesia vs. epidural analgesia
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Continuous thoracic paravertebral block for postoperative pain management in patients undergoing minimally invasive cardiac surgery and the occurrence of chronic postsurgical pain: a propensity-score-matched analysis
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Efficacy of transversus abdominis plane block in laparoscopic colorectal resection
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Postoperative Analgesic Efficiency of Ultrasound Guided Transversus Abdominis Plane Block Using Different Concentrations of Bupivacaine in Inguinal Hernia Repair
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Ultrasound-guided paravertebral catheter for postoperative multimodal-analgesia in video-assisted thoracoscopy surgery.
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The efficacy and safety of epidural oxycodone in pain management after gynaecologic laparoscopy
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Unintended subdural block: a clinical case
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A network meta-analysis of anticoagulant treatment for sepsis- or infection-induced disseminated intravascular coagulation
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Prolonged prothrombin time during the vancomycin therapy in the ICU – therapeutic problem resolved using rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM)
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Concept model of critical patient monitoring system with information communication technology in the acute care situation.
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Treatment with SV40 nanoparticles dramatically improves survival in a sepsis model through multiple signaling pathways
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Frequency of arterial catheter infections – a prospective case study
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Comparison of remifentanil versus dexmedetomidine in sedation for fibreoptic intubation
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Benzalkonium chloride can be used to create a hygienic nasotracheal intubation environment with sustained sterilizing effects_x000D_  
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The change of tube tip position for tracheotomy during head extension.
ESA Academy, Masanori Tsukamoto, 220671
Hypodermic needle in main bronchus: a strange case of foreign body
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First human trial of a non-occlusive dilatation balloon allowing continuous oxygenation and ventilation in the management of tracheal stenosis.
ESA Academy, Ross Hofmeyr, 220673
When dysphonia speaks for itself: reconsidering the airway plan despite a previous grade I laryngoscopy
ESA Academy, António Pedro Morais, 220674
Anaphylactic reaction in a patient undergoing open appendectomy and right hemicolectomy
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Urinary strong ion difference as an early marker of acute kidney injury following major abdominal surgery
ESA Academy, Alexandra Papaioannou, 220841
Introducing clevidipine in phaeochromocytoma surgery protocols
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Perioperative Takotsubo: What have we learnt? A case series study
ESA Academy, Eugenia Garcia Guzzo, 220847
Poor Quality of Recovery in postpartum period
ESA Academy, Beatriz Costa de Carvalho, 220848
Postoperative functional disability for patients undergoing surgery with general anesthesia
ESA Academy, Mitsuru Ida, 220849
Postoperative hypothermia and clinical outcome in elderly patients
ESA Academy, Ana Rita Teles, 220850
Post-operative nausea and vomiting in bariatric patients undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.
ESA Academy, Cho Han-Jung, 220851
Submental ultrasound in the assessment of difficult mask ventilation
ESA Academy, Han-Yu Lin, 221001
Expiratory Ventilation Assistance during mandatory ventilation in porcine ARDS improves arterial oxygenation – a randomized controlled animal study
ESA Academy, Johannes Schmidt, 221002
Postoperative outcome after hip fracture surgery - the impact of after-hours surgery
ESA Academy, Rasmus Åhman, 221003
Critical care after lung resection - Influence of anaesthetic and analgesic technique
ESA Academy, Izabella Orzechowska, 221004
Gold nanorods-based thermosensitive hydrogel produces selective long-lasting regional anaesthesia triggered by photothermal activation of TRPV1 channel
ESA Academy, Peng Liang, 221005
The effect of buffered lidocaine in local anaesthesia during subcutaneous implantable venous access devices insertion: a prospective, randomized, double-blind study
ESA Academy, Hosni Khouadja, 221006
Respiratory muscle activity after deep neuromuscular blockade and reversal with sugammadex
ESA Academy, Derek Garne, 219818
Respiratory muscle activity after neostigmine- or sugammadex-enhanced recovery of neuromuscular blockade
ESA Academy, Chung Yin Cheng, 219819
Post-intubation tracheal stenosis: monitoring is essential!
ESA Academy, André Fidalgo, 219820
Comparison of the efficacity and safety of dexmedetomidine versus clonidine in combation with bupivacaïne during spinal anesthesia for hip surgery
ESA Academy, mehdi elhamdi, 219978
Anaesthetic management of an onfalopagus conjoined twin delivery.
ESA Academy, Nerea Gomez Perez, 220106
Approach to a Parturient with Arnold Chiari Malformation: A Team Controversy.
ESA Academy, Miguel Coelho, 220107
Anesthetic management in Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis (PAP)
ESA Academy, María José Hernandez Cadiz, 220362
ESA Academy, Alexey Gritsan, 220363
Non-intubated thoracoscopic surgery (NITS) is a safe alternative of one lung ventilation (OLV) in patients undergoing video assisted lobectomy: a case control, non-inferiority, pilot study
ESA Academy, Zsolt Szabó, 220364
Low dose methoxyflurane analgesia in the emergency department: a subgroup analysis of inhaler use in patients with severe acute trauma pain from the STOP! study
ESA Academy, Mark Lomax, 220442
Comparison of Pregabalin and Agmatine Effects on Experimental Neuropathic Pain in Mice
ESA Academy, Ceren Aygün Muçuoglu, 220443
Global medication performance and safety of methoxyflurane analgesia in patients with severe acute trauma pain treated in the emergency department: a sub-analysis of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled UK study
ESA Academy, Mark Lomax, 220444
Continuous renal replacement therapy in the treatment of septic patients in our Intensive Care Unit.
ESA Academy, Manuel Francisco Mirón Rodríguez, 220540
Diagnosis and prevention of haemocoagulation disorders in patients after total hysterectomy
ESA Academy, Oleg Tarabrin, 220714
Analysis of the effect of dexmedetomidine on platelet function with TEG6s® PlateletMapping® assay in whole blood

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