A Continuous Erector Spinae Plane Block in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report
ESA Academy, Patricia Milanez, 220003
HELLP Syndrome: a 5 years retrospective review
ESA Academy, Rui Cerqueira Vieira, 220115
Relationship between postoperative pain in major orthopedic surgery and patient ´s sociocultural level
ESA Academy, Bárbara Gouveia, 220467
Cardiac arrest after a cerebral gas embolism - case report 
ESA Academy, Emilia Francisco, 220611
Minimum incision length for vertical incision cricothyroidotomy – An observational study
ESA Academy, Paul Fennessy, 220690
Cricothyroidotomy incision length in female subjects - Are the Difficult Airway Society guidelines justified?
ESA Academy, Paul Fennessy, 220691
Importance of fibrinolytic changes in liver surgery
ESA Academy, Agnese Ozolina, 220738
Tranexamic acid and transfusion requirements in primary and revision total hip arthroplasty
ESA Academy, Filipa Isabel Carioca, 220739
¡Perdón, doctor, no le entiendo! (I Am Sorry, Doctor, I Don't Understand You!)
ESA Academy, Rubén Díaz, 220866
The difference between being sober and using oral  preoperatory carbohydrates in the patients’ state.
ESA Academy, Haxhire Gani, 220867
Evaluation of financial, environmental cost and ecoresponsible professional practice of inhaled anaesthesia : an example from Bordeaux University Hospital (France)
ESA Academy, Gauthier GRESS, 219851
The fragility and reliability of conclusions of anesthesia and critical care randomized trials with statistically significant findings: A systematic review
ESA Academy, François Grolleau, 219852
Operating room greenhouse gas release reduction
ESA Academy, Jean-Claude Pauchard, 219853
Nurses’ job satisfaction survey – a pilot study
ESA Academy, Michal Borys, 219854
Anaesthesia and plasticized waste. Is it time we stop and think?
ESA Academy, David Lorigan, 219855
150 cancer surgeries under hypnosis: a valuable alternative to preserve the ecology of the patients.
ESA Academy, Aurore Marcou, 219856
Halogenated anesthetics choice and management can decrease environmental impact and improve the benefits.
ESA Academy, Marie-pierre Matezak, 219857
Which medical specialties hold the most retractions? A systematic review
ESA Academy, Stephane Debroczi, 219858
Evaluation of anesthesia-related fears in patients scheduled for elective breast cancer surgery through a self-administered questionnaire
ESA Academy, David Coelho, 219860
Regional anaesthesia and the diagnosis of compartment syndrome: a systematic review
ESA Academy, Michael Shaw, 219988
Involvement of Opioid Receptors and ATP-sensitive Potassium Channels in the Action of Lipid Emulsion against calcium channel blocker toxicity
ESA Academy, Il-Woo Shin, 219989
Effect of intralipid on electrophysiologic effects of ropivacaine. Study in an experimental porcine model of ropivacaine intoxication
ESA Academy, Arturo Melone, 219990
Do the histological changes and inflammatory response in meninges caused by spinal block through tattooed skin can progress to adhesive arachnoiditis ? An experimental model in Rabbits.
ESA Academy, RONALDO SILVA, 219991
Cerebral blood flow alterations associated with high volume caudal block in infants
ESA Academy, paul Castillo, 219992
Scalp Nerve Block Using Bupivacaine or Levobupivacaine Provides Effective and Safe Acute Pain Control to Pediatric Patients underwent Surgery for Moyamoya Disease
ESA Academy, Hsiao-Liang Cheng, 219993
Peribulbar block vs. general anaesthesia for corneal transplantation: analgesic requirements and pain control
ESA Academy, Joao Xavier, 219994
Prediction of the need for additional analgesia in the postoperative period.
ESA Academy, Siarhei Kananchuk, 219995
The effect of a scalp block on surgical plethymography index (SPI) during a Mayfield head holder insertion for intracranial surgery: a randomized controlled trial
ESA Academy, Sirivimol Punjasawadwong, 220281
The recovery time of muscle relaxation from rocuronium using sugammadex was significantly prolonged in the most severe CKD group of hypoalbuminemia under sevoflurane anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Akihiko Maeyama, 220282
Prevention of bite injuries with novel mouthpiece during intraoperative transcranial electric motor-evoked potential monitoring in spinal surgery
ESA Academy, Noboru Saeki, 220283
ESA Academy, Alberto Rios Llorente, 220284
Dexmedetomidine Vs Clonidine to prevent hemodynamic instability during emergence after craniotomy
ESA Academy, Aleksandr Arefev, 220285
Investigation of awake craniotomy cases for elderly patients using dexmedetomidine: Case series
ESA Academy, Soichi Tanaka, 220286
Can depth of anesthesia (DoA) monitors be used to predict intra-operative convulsions? Lessons learned from a case report using the Narcotrend® monitor.  
ESA Academy, Joana Berger-Estilita, 220287
Anesthesia for transsphenoidal pituitary surgery in super morbidly obese patient
ESA Academy, Selma Sijercic Avdagic, 220288
Intraoperative cardiac arrest during posterior spinal fusion – a case report and serial review of 4 cases
ESA Academy, I-YING LIN, 220289
Retrospective Analysis of Difficulties in Airway Management in Patient with Acromegaly Undergoing Pituitary Tumor Surgery
ESA Academy, Asaf Kerpel, 220290
Implementation of robot-assisted stereoelectroencephalography for resective epilepsy surgery
ESA Academy, Claudia Teixell Aleu, 220292
Thyroid hormone levels and mortality after heart transplantation
ESA Academy, Ádám Nagy, 220379
Prevalence of difficult intubation in cardiac surgery: relation to obesity, age, gender and type of surgery
ESA Academy, Laura Parrilla Quiles, 220380
Effects of diuretics on postoperative AKI in patients after cardiovascular surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass
ESA Academy, Yuko Oka, 220381
Hybrid Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation and Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass in a High-Risk Patient-Case report
ESA Academy, YURI HAYASHI, 220382
Microcirculatory perfusion disturbances and endothelial hyperpermeability following cardiopulmonary bypass persist in the early postoperative period
ESA Academy, Nicole Dekker, 220383
Preoperative biological determinants of postoperative vasoplegia after first time long term LVAD insertion
ESA Academy, Nannet van der Schoot, 220384
Prevalence of preoperative anaemia and its relation to transfusion and morbimortality in patients undergoing cardiac surgery in Hospital Clinic Barcelona.
ESA Academy, Mireia Chanzá Albert, 220385
 Multiple coronary artery fistulas to pulmonary artery
ESA Academy, Mounir Banoub, 220386
The ACS NSQIP Surgical Risk Calculator in estimation of the perioperative death and serious complications after cardiac surgery - retrospective experience of one center
ESA Academy, Anna Kupiec, 220388
Impact of the tapentadol therapy in the management of either moderate neuropathic or nociceptive cancer pain
ESA Academy, Toshiya Koitabashi, 220457
Upper limb acute phantom pain - a case of difficult pain control
ESA Academy, João Melo Borges, 220458
A high prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in adults with postherpetic neuralgia.
ESA Academy, Chia-Yu Chang, 220459
Menthol gel for the management of neuropathic pain after hand surgery – a case report
ESA Academy, Hannu Kokki, 220460
Systems biology based approach to identify unique and shared genetic pathways for chronic postoperative pain and anxiety.
ESA Academy, Vidya Chidambaran, 220461
Chronic postoperative pain in cardiac surgery
ESA Academy, Galina Shevtsova, 220462
Incidence of pain at 3 month follow up in elderly surgical patients
ESA Academy, Bárbara Filipa Azevedo, 220463
Bilateral Bispectral index (BIS) monitoring on epileptiform activity detection: an anti-NMDA encephalitis case
ESA Academy, Marta Carvalho, 220560
Association Between Mean Arterial Pressure and Delirium in Postoperative Critically Ill Patients
ESA Academy, Kamal Maheshwari, 220561
The accuracy of noninvasive total hemoglobin measurement in critically ill patients
ESA Academy, Rieko Oishi, 220564
The Incidence of Delirium with its related factors, in our Postsurgical Critical Care Unit. Montecelo Hospital. Pontevedra. Spain
ESA Academy, Marina Varela Durán, 220565
Survival outcome in the ICU 9 months after limitation of life sustaining treatment. A three-year prospective study (2014-2016)
ESA Academy, Mehdi Azale, 220566
ESA Academy, maria teresa chiquito, 220567
A retrospective audit of outcomes after traumatic brain injury in a regional hospital in Singapore
ESA Academy, Chen Xinying, 220597
Inhalation injury and its impact on the quality of the treatment of burn patients
ESA Academy, Marina Stojanovic, 220598
EEG suppression ratio monitoring in successfully resuscitated out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients: a novel prognostic marker
ESA Academy, Sofian Bouneb, 220599
The Shok Index as apredictor of massive transfusion in trauma patients
ESA Academy, Israel Otero, 220600
One-year mortality of patients admitted to the intensive care unit after in-hospital cardiac arrest: a retrospective pilot study
ESA Academy, Marc Schluep, 220601
One-year survival after in­­­­­-hospital cardiac arrest: a systematic review and meta-analysis
ESA Academy, Marc Schluep, 220602
Limitations of medical treatment in pre-hospital setting in Finland
ESA Academy, Heidi Kangasniemi, 220603
High in-hospital cardiac arrest rate in a district general trust
ESA Academy, Eid Mansy Mohammed Hussien, 220604
Comparison of different schemes of analgosedation in patients with severe traumatic brain injury in the postoperative period
ESA Academy, Yuliya Volkova, 220605
Identifying predictors of difficult intubation among obese oral surgical patients
ESA Academy, Vlasta Klaric, 220676
Characterizing post-extubation negative-pressure pulmonary edema in the operating room- a retrospective matched case-control study
ESA Academy, Chen-Fuh Lam, 220677
Naso-laryngeal distances correlate with body size and are not correctly reflected in commercially available preformed nasal tubes
ESA Academy, Christina Massoth, 220678
Airway approach characteristics in anaesthetized patients outside the operating room
ESA Academy, Vítor Gonçalves, 220679
A weighted simplified point score for prediction of difficult facemask ventilation – a cohort study
ESA Academy, Lars Lundstrom, 220680
Is there any new parameter as difficult airway predictor in TMJ disorders?
ESA Academy, Blanca Tapia, 220681
Evaluation and management of the difficult airway : Fiberoptic intubation in a patient with glottic tumor
ESA Academy, Yueh-Hsien Hsu, 220682
Correlation of preoperative findings in computerized axial tomography with the presence of difficult airway in patients undergoing head and neck otorhinolaryngological surgery.
ESA Academy, Paula Pérez Jiménez, 220683
A survey of induction techniques amongst UK bariatric anaesthetists
ESA Academy, Thomas Wojcikiewicz, 220684
Is the body mass index a reliable predictor of difficult airway in bariatric surgery?
ESA Academy, Juan Manuel Redondo Enríquez, 220685
The difference between tissue oxygenation markers and development of acute kidney injury in minimally  transfused and non-transfused cardiac surgery patients.
ESA Academy, Busra Tezcan, 220724
The influence of preoperative anemia on one-year mortality after orthotopic liver transplantation
ESA Academy, Paul Lichtenegger, 220725
Surgical blood loss: Should we keep estimating volume?
ESA Academy, Sebastian Jaramillo-Selman, 220726
When do we use blood products for coagulation management after liver transplantation
ESA Academy, Tleuberdi Kuandykov, 220727
The incidence of preoperative anemia in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
ESA Academy, Ayten Saracoglu, 220728
Efficacy of cell saver on high bleeding risk orthopaedic patients. A retrospective comparative study
ESA Academy, José Luís Jover Pinillos, 220729
The effects of multidisciplinary team approach on blood and blood products transfusion
ESA Academy, Kemal Tolga Saracoglu, 220730
Perioperative anaemia management in elective colorectal surgery
ESA Academy, Sergio Sanz Serrano, 220731
The FIBRES study: a pragmatic, randomised, active-control, non-inferiority, phase 3 trial comparing a new fibrinogen concentrate vs. cryoprecipitate for the treatment of acquired hypofibrinogenaemia in bleeding cardiac surgical patients
ESA Academy, Keyvan Karkouti, 220732
A predicting severity surgical scoring system and outcome in elderly patients undergoing anesthesia
ESA Academy, Ana Rita Teles, 220852
Use of the Lee index for the prediction of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality events after hip fracture surgery.
ESA Academy, Patricia Martín Serrano, 220853
The prevalence of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and its influence on post induction haemodynamic variables in patients with and without diabetes; a prospective cohort study
ESA Academy, Jorinde A.W. Polderman, 220854
Evaluation of Quality Indicators in Anaesthesia Consultation for Urologic Surgical Patients
ESA Academy, Ana Veiga de Sá, 220855
Postoperative outcome after hip fracture surgery in Östergötland county council in Sweden
ESA Academy, Karin Björnström Karlsson, 220856
Days alive and out of hospital within 90 days after fast-track total hip and knee arthroplasty
ESA Academy, Christoffer Calov Jorgensen, 220857
Development of the Combined Assessment of Risk Encountered in Surgery (CARES) surgical risk calculator for prediction of post-surgical mortality and need for Intensive Care Unit admission risk – A Single-Centre Retrospective Study
ESA Academy, Hairil Abdullah, 220858
Cancer and acute kidney injury are independent risk factors of postoperative kidney disease after major abdominal surgery
ESA Academy, Takeshi Tateda, 220859
Association of intravenous maintenance fluid with acid base balance in adult postoperative critically ill patients
ESA Academy, Shinya Taguchi, 220860
Effect of intra-operative hyperoxia on the incidence of surgical site infections: a meta analysis
ESA Academy, Kurt Ruetzler, 220861
Effect of preoperative forced-air warming on intraoperative tissue oxygenation, microperfusion and body core temperature in patients with ovarian cancer undergoing major cytoreductive surgery
ESA Academy, Lutz Kaufner, 220862
Diaphragm ultrasound as a predictor of patients at risk of pulmonary postoperative complications after phrenic nerve compromise. 
ESA Academy, Lucas Rovira, 220863

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