Micromodule on Identifying Patients at Risk
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 234181
Micromodule on the Importance of the Post-Op Period
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 234183
Evaluation & Certificate
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 227223
Participant Information
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 227220
Welcome, Course Programme and Map of Location
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 227219
Basic Reading
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 227221
Patient Safety Masterclass
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 227222
New Data on the Management of IOAH
ESA Academy, Course Faculty, 226781
New Data on the Management of IOAH: section 2
ESA Academy, Course Faculty, 226780
EJA Reviewer Workshop - Preparatory curriculum: How to review a manuscript
ESA Academy, Neil Morton, 226779
EJA Reviewer Workshop - Preparatory curriculum: Trial design
ESA Academy, Philipp Lirk, 226778
EJA Reviewer Workshop - Preparatory Curriculum
ESA Academy, Malachy O. Columb, 226777
New Data on the Management of IOAH: section 1
ESA Academy, Course Faculty, 226764
Teach the Teacher Masterclass
ESA Academy, Course Faculty, 226741
ESA Academy - EACCME Statement
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 225019
General Data Protection Regulation
ESA Academy, Slama Farsi, 221462
Webinar on PPC: Patients at risk, Protective Ventilation and Failure to Rescue
ESA Academy, Prof. Dr. I. Matot, Prof. Dr. M. Gama de Abreu, Prof. Dr. P. Pelosi, Prof. Dr. M. Schultz & Prof. Dr. A. Serpa Neto, 212776
Webcast on PPC: Patients at risk, Protective Ventilation and Failure to Rescue
ESA Academy, Prof. Dr. I. Matot, Prof. Dr. M. Gama de Abreu, Prof. Dr. P. Pelosi, Prof. Dr. M. Schultz & Prof. Dr. A. Serpa Neto, 219488
Fluid management
ESA Academy, Course Faculty, 219319
RCP AS A SURGICAL AGGRESSION INDICATOR: Are there differences due to the ERAS protocol?
ESA Academy, Ángela Herrero Cano, 219893
Tongue bite injury associated with transcranial electric stimulation motor-evoked potential monitoring during carotid endarterectomy
ESA Academy, Katsuhiro Matsumoto, 219894
The relationship between duration of postoperative oxygen administration and postoperative nausea and vomit in patients undergoing laparoscopic gynecological surgery
ESA Academy, Takehiko Nagaoka, 219895
Upper versus lower body forced-air warming to prevent hypothermia during thoracoscopic surgery in the lateral decubitus position: a randomised controlled trial
ESA Academy, Sehee Yoon, 219896
Rol of Opioid Receptor mu 1 (OPRM1) expression in the colorectal cancer progression.
ESA Academy, Oscar Diaz Cambronero, 219897
Anaesthesia-related mortality in Sub-Saharan African countries. A quantitative systematic review.
ESA Academy, Thomas Lefebvre, 219898
Characterization of adult patients underwent orthopedic surgery in a tertiary hospital – a retrospective review
ESA Academy, Francisco Portugal, 219899
Perioperative risk factors for intraoperative hypothermia in patients undergoing elective surgery at National Referral Hospital in Bhutan: A prospective observational study
ESA Academy, Kinley Zangmo, 219900
The effects of prewarmed endotracheal tubes and 2% lidocaine jelly on postoperative sore throat
ESA Academy, Jia Song, 219901
Assessment of hemodynamic variables during modified electroconvulsive therapy using a non-invasive hemodynamic monitor
ESA Academy, Hiroyuki Nakamura, 219904
Transnasal sphenopalatine ganglion block for the treatment of postdural puncture headache after caesarean section Keywords: Sphenopalatine ganglion block, Postdural puncture headache.
ESA Academy, Bilge Aslan, 220016
Trends in practice and safety measures of epidural analgesia: report of a national survey
ESA Academy, Elke Bos, 220017
Pneumocephalus following combined spinal-epidural anesthesia – A Case Report
ESA Academy, Telma Caria, 220018
Continuous spinal block in a geriatric patient with multiple comorbidities
ESA Academy, Vírginia Antunes, 220019
Surgical drainage of a hepatic abscess under thoracic epidural anesthesia using intravenous (I.V.) dexmedetomidine
ESA Academy, Christina Koufopoulou, 220020
Accidental subdural catheterization after epidural technique for analgesia during labor. About a case.
ESA Academy, Sara Martinez Castro, 220021
Continuous spinal anaesthesia in the high-risk orthopedic elderly patient: a case report.
ESA Academy, Joana Brandão, 220022
Multimodal anesthesia combining Erector Spinae plane block (ESP block) and general anesthesia in a series of 4 patients who were to undergo laparoscopy nephrectomy
Spinal stenosis: little air, big trouble
ESA Academy, Jorge Moita, 220024
Aracnoiditis and obstructive hidrocephalia after spinal anesthesia with prilocaine (PART I).
ESA Academy, María José Hernandez Cadiz, 220025
Parturients with more central sensitization may have increased risk of postnatal depression: a preliminary analysis
ESA Academy, Yijun Wang, 220130
Feasibility study: non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring during cesarean section and intraoperative fluidic management.
ESA Academy, Davide Cigolini, 220131
Influence of anaesthetic agents on contractions of the pregnant rat myometrium in vivo.
ESA Academy, Motonobu Kimizuka, 220132
Detection of atelectasis with lung ultrasonography in parturients having normal labour and cesarean section under spinal or general anesthesia
ESA Academy, Mustafa Kemal Arslantas, 220133
Foetal accumulation of oxymorphone after oxycodone administration to the ewe
ESA Academy, Mari Kinnunen, 220134
Retrospective evaluation of trigger criteria of rapid response system in an obstetric ward
ESA Academy, Yuki Hosokawa, 220135
Maternal anesthesia for open fetal surgery: a report of 16 cases and 10-year experience.
ESA Academy, Marina Vendrell Jorda, 220136
Incidence and safety of general anaesthetics on a high-risk labour ward.
ESA Academy, Sarra Wang, 220137
Body habitus as a predictive factor of difficult epidural block in parturients?
ESA Academy, Juan Jose Crespo, 220138
Epidural analgesia: a randomized clinical trial comparing loss of resistance to saline versus low volume of air
ESA Academy, David Romero, 220139
The effect of Body Mass Index (BMI) on postoperative pain in paediatric surgical population
ESA Academy, Vagia Ntritsou, 220221
ESA Academy, Elena Fernandez Dueñas, 220224
When is the benefit greater than the risk?
ESA Academy, Adriana Rodrigues, 220225
Rate and factors leading to postoperative extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) requirement after a slide tracheoplasty for congenital tracheal stenosis in pediatric patients
ESA Academy, Noriko Miyazawa, 220226
The utility of EEG spectral analysis in epileptiform activity identification in a child under general anesthesia 
ESA Academy, Marta Carvalho, 220227
Anaesthetic implications for 4-year-old girl with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis: a case report
ESA Academy, AMPAWAN TANYONG, 220228
More experienced anesthesiologist show increased difficult intubation rates in cardiac surgery: a third-level hospital retrospective cohort study.
ESA Academy, Marc Bausili Ribera, 220410
Age-related difference in the effect of acute hyperglycemia on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury
ESA Academy, Yon Hee Shim, 220411
Pretreatment with glucose-insulin-potassium improves ventricular performances after on-pump coronary artery bypass surgery: a randomized controlled trial
ESA Academy, Thomas Reynaud, 220412
Extra systoles cannot predict fluid responsiveness during cardiac surgery
ESA Academy, Jonas Berg, 220413
Percutaneous valve implantation – case report
ESA Academy, Ana Sampaio, 220416
Cardiac surgery in sick cell disease – case report
ESA Academy, Ana Sampaio, 220417
ESA Academy, Vanessa Paiva, 220483
Clinical audit of interventional procedures in a Chronic Pain Unit
ESA Academy, Rita Torgal, 220484
ESA Academy, Vanessa Paiva, 220485
Pain relief with sphenopalatine ganglion block of chronic headache and orofacial posttraumatic pain: a case report  
ESA Academy, Marta Pacheco, 220486
Control local infection and vascular ulcers pain with topical sevoflurane. Series cases report.
ESA Academy, Alfredo Abad-Gurumeta, 220487
The difference of intravascular injection rate during cervical transforaminal epidural block using blunt needle compared to sharp needle.
ESA Academy, Saeyoung Kim, 220488
Transfusion triggers: A comparison between Germany and Japan ~Learning from other countries,?optimising blood?transfusion practices?and improving patient safety.?~
ESA Academy, Mari Ichimura, 220744
Effects of intraoperative liquid and restrictive blood transfusion management to hospital discharge in high risk patients on major abdominal surgery
ESA Academy, Nevriye Salman, 220745
Estimated blood loss: A new hemoglobin mass-based model
ESA Academy, Mar Montane-Muntane, 220746
How I couldn’t avoid intraoperative massive transfusion in a patient with Multiple Myeloma?
ESA Academy, Kemal Tolga Saracoglu, 220747
Does transfusion of blood and blood products increases the length of stay in hospital?
ESA Academy, Ayten Saracoglu, 220748
Artificial normocoagulant colloid solutions (ANCS): A solution for plasma free management of severe perioperative bleeding?
ESA Academy, Tobias Koller, 220749
Passive Leg Raise as predictor of hemodynamic stability on induction of anesthesia: a prospective study
ESA Academy, Vittoria Arslan-Carlon, 220880
Optimization of Anesthetic Management in free flap Reconstruction Surgery : “Before-after study”. 
ESA Academy, Hervé Kamga Totouom, 220881
Differential response of internal carotid artery blood flow to cardiac output changes.
ESA Academy, Maria Skytioti, 220882
Effect of 6% Hydroxy Ethyl Starch 130/0.4 (HES) on renal function, coagulation and mortality in patients undergoing hemipelvectomy surgery involving major haemorrhage- a retrospective study.
ESA Academy, AKSHITA DAGA, 220883
A comparison of several ways to assess Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT) to find “best-PWTT” for prediction of fluid responsiveness
ESA Academy, Johannes Wirkus, 220884
A comparison of assessing fluid responsiveness by Pulse Wave Transit Time (?PWTT) and ?PP
ESA Academy, Kimiko Fukui-Dunkel, 220885
Impact of A Clinical Decision Support for Goal Directed Fluid Therapy Implementation on Protocol Adherence and Time in Hemodynamic Target: A Quasi-Experimental Cohort Study in Patients Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery
ESA Academy, Alexandre Joosten, 220886
Monitoring of inter-beat-intervals and accuracy of atrial fibrillation detection with wrist photoplethysmography in post-operative patients
ESA Academy, Jarkko Harju, 220887
Microcirculatory perfusion in obese patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass
ESA Academy, Chantal Boly, 220888
Inconsistent correlation between MAP and cardiac output during anaesthesia induction and patient positioning
ESA Academy, Pedro Amorim, 220889
Qualitative analysis of medical records of preanesthetic evaluations
ESA Academy, Camile Lanzaro, 220939
Transarterial femoral vein cannulation
ESA Academy, Tam Al-Ani, 220940
An Analysis of Perioperative Anesthetic Adverse Events in Thailand (PAAd THAI):  allergic reaction/ anaphylaxis.
Incident reports from anesthesia in morbid obesity according to PAAd Thai Study.
ESA Academy, Oraluxna Rodanant, 220944
Reporting of conflicts of interest in clinical practice guidelines in anaesthesiology. A cross-sectional analysis
ESA Academy, Damien Wyssa, 220945
Adverse events involved in liability claims of alleged Anaesthesiology malpractice between 2000-2013 in a Spanish series.
ESA Academy, Ana Parera Ruiz, 220946
Complications after regional anaesthesia (RA): a closed claims analysis (SHAM insurance).
ESA Academy, Alexandre THEISSEN, 220947
Kounis syndrome: myth or reality?
ESA Academy, Melodie Alvarez, 220948
Evolution of malignant hyperthermia in Japan
ESA Academy, Keiko Mukaida, 220949
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) care after elective colorectal surgery in elderly patients. Outcomes of a study in the University Hospital of Guadalajara, Spain.
ESA Academy, Victor Jiménez Guitian, 220969
Elderly empowerment in ophthalmic surgery: Informed consent and shared decision
ESA Academy, Júlio Teixeira, 220970
Surgical Morbidity and Quality of Life
ESA Academy, Mónica Nunes Ferreira, 220971
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of the oldest old surgical critical patient
ESA Academy, Mónica Oliveira, 220972
Severe pain 24 hours after surgery in elderly patients.
ESA Academy, Marta Campos, 220973
Medicine for Care of Older People and Emergency Laparotomy: The Lessons and How We Can Improve Care?
ESA Academy, Geeta Aggarwal, 220976
Quality of life in elderly patients 3 months after elective surgery
ESA Academy, Ana Rita Peixoto, 220977
Euroanaesthesia 2018: Hot Topics in Anaesthesiology – Last 12 months’ top publications
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 223744

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