Routine BIS monitoring allows to cut down the costs of volatile anaesthetics
ESA Academy, Agata Andruszak Kot, 219765
"Triple-low" – the unicorn of anaesthesiology?
ESA Academy, Maciej Borun, 219766
Correlation between triple low and ASA score – does it exist?
ESA Academy, Patrycja Dyl, 219767
Comparison of Adequacy of Anaesthesia monitoring with Standard clinical practice during routine general anaesthesia: an international, multi-centre, single-blinded randomized controlled trial.
ESA Academy, Matthias Grünewald, 219768
Comparison between UNICON Index and Bispectral Index using Population Pharmacodynamic Analysis during Sevoflurane Anesthesia
ESA Academy, Seong Wook Jeong, 219769
Continuous optical blood pressure measurement in the perioperative setting
ESA Academy, Yassine Ali Ghamri, 219770
Comparison of Ramsay Sedation Score and BIS monitoring in sedoanalgesia for ERCP 
ESA Academy, Ferda Yilmaz Inal, 219771
A novel modified nasal PAP mask assembly maintained spontaneous ventilation and oxygenation in a morbidly obese patient with severe obstructive sleep apnoea and asthma during ambulatory hysteroscopy and D&C under spinal anaesthesia
ESA Academy, James Tse, 219914
Avoiding a broken heart during anestesia - Management of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy  
ESA Academy, Zara Nogueira, 219915
Postherniorrhaphy urinary retention after general? and spinal anesthesia in an ambulatory setting (observational prospective study)
ESA Academy, Berta Castellano Paulis, 219916
Neuroaxial anesthesia in systemic sclerosis
ESA Academy, Marta Coelho, 219943
Segmental spinal anesthesia for small-incision cholecystectomy in a low-ressource field hospital.
ESA Academy, Younes Aissaoui, 219944
Comparing  effects of combined general/epidural anesthesia and general anesthesia on serum pro and anti-tumorigenic cytokines in major urologic surgery
ESA Academy, Meltem Savran Karadeniz, 219945
Efficacy of thoracic paravertebral nerve block for patients who undergo video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery- randomised controlled trial-
ESA Academy, Hironobu Ueshima, 219946
Does neuraxial anesthesia damage DNA as general anesthesia?
ESA Academy, David Astapenko, 219947
Postoperative analgesic quality of the BRILMA block vs continous epidural infusion in open liver surgery.
ESA Academy, Tomas Miguel Cuñat Lopez, 219948
Can early administration of fibrinogen improve post partum hemorrhage? A Prospective observational study.
ESA Academy, Anouar Jarraya, 220070
Change in postpartum haemorrhage treatment strategy may decrease massive transfusions
ESA Academy, Samuli Jokinen, 220071
Interest in pelvic packing after hysterectomy for obstetrical haemostasis in maternal rescue: A retrospective study.
ESA Academy, Hosni Khouadja, 220072
Amniotic fluid embolism: A Case of Successful Cardiac Ultrasound and Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) Guided Resuscitation in a Patient Undergoing Caesarean Section
ESA Academy, Katarina Marusic Gaser, 220073
Von Willebrand disease in pregnancy: Is it neuraxial anesthesia safe? - A case report
ESA Academy, Ana Sofia Fernandes, 220074
Importance of purine metabolites in preeclampsia and acute cerebral stroke
ESA Academy, Evgeny Oreshnikov, 220518
Posterior reversibile encelophathy syndrome (PRES) after vaginal delivery
ESA Academy, Sanja Cuk, 220519
Pathogenesis of delayed cerebral ischemia in aneurysmal subanachroid haemorrhage– a multimodality monitoring study
ESA Academy, Katarzyna Forkasiewicz-Gardynik, 220520
Challenges in the assessment of post-extubation neurological status in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU): case report of a major burn patient
ESA Academy, Carolina Cardoso, 220521
Stroke  patterns of postmortem purines in blood and cerebrospinal fluid
ESA Academy, Evgeny Oreshnikov, 220522
Dexmedetomidine preserves the endothelial glycocalyx and improves survival in a rat heatstroke model
ESA Academy, Kensuke Kobayashi, 220523
Lung injury does not aggravate early cerebral inflammation or apoptosis in an animal model.
ESA Academy, Jens Kamuf, 220524
Release of cytolysis markers by ex-vivo perfused rat liver is unexpectedly less exacerbated by 24h than 18h fasting
ESA Academy, Berengere Papegay, 220806
Postoperative Delirium in elderly patients
ESA Academy, Daniela Filipa Marques Cristelo, 220966
Efficacy of frailty to predict postoperative outcomes in geriatric patients: A meta-analysis
ESA Academy, Sheng-Kai Hung, 220967
Mild cognitive impairment in elderly surgical patients.
ESA Academy, Marta Campos, 220968
Value of  difficult airway management courses for post-graduate education of anesthesiologists
ESA Academy, Pervin Sutas Bozkurt, 220986
Assessment of Non-Technical Skills after Life Support Courses – a prospective questionnaire study
ESA Academy, Sabine Nabecker, 220987
Development and Initial Results from Anaesthesiology Residents using Adaptive E-learning in Advanced Airway Management.
ESA Academy, Ebbe Bessmann, 220988
Comparison of the Tof-Cuff® with the Tof Watch SX® in patients undergoing surgery. An observational Study.
ESA Academy, Eve Claire Grâce Sfeir Machado, 219749
Electroencephalogram 3 hours after general anaesthesia (GA) is still not back to normal for all the patients
ESA Academy, Clément Dubost, 219750
Tumescent anesthesia: pushing the limits of local anesthetic doses
ESA Academy, Nelson Santos, 219757
Anaphylaxis and neuromuscular blocking agents
ESA Academy, Ana Sofia Vaz, 219758
Use of objective neuromuscular monitoring in 6 Danish anesthesia departments - a register study using routinely collected anaesthesia data
ESA Academy, Jakob Louis Demant Thomsen, 219759
Effect of pre-treatment with magnesium sulphate on the duration of deep and intense neuromuscular blockade with rocuronium : a randomized, double-blind clinical study
ESA Academy, Angelo Jorge Queiroz rangel Micuci, 219760
The effect of ultrasound-guided popliteal block combined propofol target-controlled infusion on postoperative pain control after ankle and foot surgery
ESA Academy, Jui-Mei Huang, 219934
Adductor Canal Block with IPACK block (Interspace between Popliteal Artery and Capsule of Posterior Knee) VS Lumbar Epidural for postoperative analgesia in Total Knee Arthroplasty: effect in quality of postoperative analgesia and in immediate physical rehabilitation 
ESA Academy, José Miguel Brandão Ribeiro de Sousa, 219935
Comparison of femoral block (FB), femoral + sciatic block by posterior route (FCB) and epidural block (EB) in the control of acute postoperative pain after knee arthroplasty
ESA Academy, Sara López Palanca, 219936
Liposome bupivacaine in ankle blocks decreases opioid consumption compared to bupivacaine alone or general anesthesia after corrective osteotomy for hallux valgus
ESA Academy, Sam Van Boxstael, 219937
The addition of an adductor canal block to local infiltration analgesia following total knee arthroplasty delays the attainment of physical therapy milestones
ESA Academy, Arthur Atchabahian, 219938
Prolonged motor and sensory block following single injection ultrasound guided Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block with ropivacaine 0.2%
ESA Academy, Marco Antonio Fondi, 219939
Peripheral nerve block anaesthesia is superior to spinal anaesthesia regarding postoperative pain control in primary ankle fracture surgery: results from the randomised “AnAnkle Trial”
ESA Academy, Rune Sort, 219940
Three regional blocking methods assessment in arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
ESA Academy, Andres Bader, 219941
Injection inside vs outside the paraneural sheath of nerve for ultrasound-guided popliteal sciatic block
ESA Academy, chong hao, 219942
Incidence of post-dural puncture headache as a marker of quality in obstetric anesthesiology 
ESA Academy, Sara Torres, 220055
ESA Academy, Ana Ricart Hernandez, 220061
Study of the incidence of accidental dural punctures (ADP) in relation to the body mass index (BMI) in the Obstetric Anaesthesiology Service of the General University Hospital Gregorio Marañón
ESA Academy, Maria Lema Tome, 220062
Risk factors for recurrence of post-dural puncture headache _x000B_following blood patch in obstetric patients_x000B_
ESA Academy, Simon Tomala, 220063
Type of obstetric anesthesia/analgesia does not affect disease course in multiple sclerosis parturients: 10-year retrospective trial
ESA Academy, Hana Harazim, 220064
Anaesthetic management of a pregnant woman with Chiari Malformation type 1 following failed endotracheal intubation for caesarean section
ESA Academy, Maria Henriksson, 220065
Comparison of the clinical performance of disposable supraglottic airway devices, AuraGainTM with i-gelTM in children: A randomised clinical trial
ESA Academy, Takahiro Mihara, 220160
Just keep breathing: spinal anesthesia in the extremely premature infant
ESA Academy, Joana Barros Silva, 220161
Laryngeal mask Unique® position in paediatric patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):prospective observational trial
ESA Academy, Jozef Klucka, 220162
Ideal depth of central venous catheters using a real-time ultrasound-guided technique in pediatric patients with congenital heart diseases
ESA Academy, Tomohiro Yamamoto, 220163
An easy method to introduce a bronchial blocker to the intended bronchus in pediatric patients
ESA Academy, Satoshi Aihara, 220164
Anesthetic management of the Klippel-Trenaunay Weber syndrome
ESA Academy, Maria Elena Sanchez Royo, 220165
Anesthetic management of the infant with cleft lip  in a rural hospital in Sierra Leone. A purpose of two cases.
ESA Academy, Ana Belén Ortega Floría, 220166
Myocardium protection against ischemic-reperfusion injury by nitric oxide supply to the extracorporeal circulation line during cardiopulmonary bypass (experimental study)
ESA Academy, Nikolai Kamenshchikov, 220324
Computed tomography in predicting skin-epidural space distance for thoracic epidural catheterization
ESA Academy, Mustafa Kemal Arslantas, 220325
Characterization of the angiogenic potential of human monocytes and programmable cells of monocytic origin (PCMO) under hypoxic conditions
ESA Academy, Karina Zitta, 220326
Ultrasound-Guided Radiofrequency for Chronic Shoulder Pain: preliminary report
ESA Academy, Rita Torgal, 220429
Suprascapular block for chronic shoulder pain, retrospective evaluation of results
ESA Academy, Rubén Díaz, 220430
Correct site of injection for ultrasound-guided stellate ganglion block: International survey and cadaveric confirmation
ESA Academy, Hyungtae Kim, 220431
The stellate ganglion block and plexus brachialis ethanolic neurolysis given the neoplastic brachial plexopathy (NBP)
ESA Academy, Vidas Jankus, 220432
Interventional pain managements for Bertolotti’s syndrome like low back pain patients  : A retrospective study
ESA Academy, Rikako Yamada, 220433
Complications during percutaneous epidural adhesiolysis for treatment of chronic low back and lower extremity pain
ESA Academy, Mirjana Miric, 220434
Multimodal treatment of chronic low back and lower extremity pain: the role of percutaneous epidural adhesiolysis
ESA Academy, Mirjana Miric, 220435
The effectiveness of one-day epidural lysis of adhesions in patients with chronic low back and lower extremity pain
ESA Academy, Boris Tomasevic, 220436
Contras dye spread of thoracic transforaminal epidural block in herpes zoster or PHN
ESA Academy, kibeom Park, 220437
The relationship of hemodynamic parameters and clinical outcome in critically ill patients
ESA Academy, Alexey Smetkin, 220509
Cerebral tissue oxygen saturation during switch from conventional mechanical ventilation to High Frequency Percussive Ventilation: an observational study.
ESA Academy, Nikolaas Meuwissen, 220510
 Spitting images of COPD: The salivary microbiome discriminates between respiratory diseases.
ESA Academy, Timothy Asibey-Berko, 220511
Experimental validation of Electrical Impedance Tomography for assessment of relative pulmonary perfusion
ESA Academy, Thomas Bluth, 220512
Sedation with dexmedetomidine is safe, increasing success rate of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in awake, uncooperative patients with acute respiratory failure
ESA Academy, Ievgenii Domin, 220513
“Ceftolozane-Tazobactam for the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia caused by extremely resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa”.
ESA Academy, Eva Díaz, 220514
Positive end expiratory pressure test can predict fluid responsiveness in patients with septic shock
ESA Academy, Eugenia Fot, 220515
Perioperative risk factors for determining the unplanned admission to an Intensive Care Unit after surgery
ESA Academy, Kye-Min Kim, 220516
Mortality and physical status at hospital discharge in elderly critically ill patients
ESA Academy, Tsukasa Tadokoro, 220517
ESA Academy, Tânia Martins, 220637
Continuous Monitoring of Ventilation by Diaphragm Ultrasonography with a New Tool During  Procedural Sedation, A pilot study
ESA Academy, Alper KILICASLAN, 220638
Does clinical experience affect the relationship between tracheal and bronchial cuff pressures of double-lumen tubes?
ESA Academy, Nozomu Hiraoka, 220639
Individualized PEEP-adjustment in obese and non-obese patients undergoing laparoscopic abdominal surgery
ESA Academy, Philipp Simon, 220640
ESA Academy, Maite Portas González, 220641
Breathing pattern and route of breathing during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) under sedation in elderlies
ESA Academy, Yuji Kitamura, 220642
 The necessity of monitorng  oxygen saturation during gamma knife radio surgery
ESA Academy, Noriaki Komayama, 220643
ESA Academy, Kuban State University, 220787
Anesthetic management of a patient with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III
ESA Academy, João Sarmento e Castro, 220788
Anesthetic Management of Takotsubo syndrome: a case of success
ESA Academy, Sara Torres, 220789
Develop a validated anaesthesia quality assessment to evaluate patients postoperatively
ESA Academy, Sudta Parakkamodom, 220790
Results of a satisfaction survery after an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol in colorectal elective surgery in patients over 70 years old in the University Hospital of Guadalajara, Spain: an observational study.
ESA Academy, Victor Jiménez Guitian, 220950
Does dementia contribute significantly to the mortality rate of patients with fracture neck of femurs?–A retrospective study 
ESA Academy, Joseph Anto, 220957
Postoperative delirium as a predictor of 90-day hospital readmission in elderly patients undergoing femoral neck fracture reduction and osteosynthesis.
ESA Academy, Ana Sofia Fernandes, 220958
Tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome in a patient undergoing pertrochanteric fracture repair under spinal anesthesia.
ESA Academy, Filip Naumovski, 220959
Euroanaesthesia 2018: New guidelines on ultrasound vascular access and nerve blocks
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 223741

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