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Ce module est composé de 4 sections dans lesquelles vous trouverez toutes les informations relatives au bon usage des hydroxyéthylamidons :

- Section 1 : Risques liés à l’utilisation de solutions d’HEA pour perfusion en dehors des conditions de l’autorisation de mise sur le marché et de RCP approuvé en Europe

- Section 2 : Résultats des études d’utilisation du médicament

- Section 3 : Rappel des indications, dose, durée de traitement et contre-indications ainsi que de la nécessité de respecter les informations sur le produit

- Section 4 : Nouvelles mesures additionnelles de minimisations des risques (RMA)

Relevant healthcare professionals (HCP's) are required to complete this training prior to the use of HES solutions at their institution.

The Controlled Access Programme starts on April 17, 2019.

After that date you cannot use HES without a certification of this training collected by the training provider.

This online-training applies for Healthcare Professionals in the EU/EEA only.

The content requirement for this training has specialized on the EU/EEA-relevant priorities. Applying for this course is only possible from within the EU/EEA.

This online-training applies for Healthcare Professionals in the EU/EEA only. The e-learning focuses on the usage of HES products according to the European product information and can therefore only accessed by HCPs from EU/EEA.

BELGIQUE - FRANÇAIS - Use of Hydroxyethyl Starch Solutions according to the approved European Product Information

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