ESA Academy eLearning modules
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 155778
Pain Modules
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 155777
Intensive Care Modules
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 155776
Understanding the evidence: Risk scores and risk prediction
ESA Academy, Nathan L. Pace, 143034
How to Succeed at MCQS
ESA Academy, Sue Hill, 143015
Promotion of a safety culture in anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Ravi P. Mahajan, 143033
Non-Technical Skills Modules
ESA Academy, Zeev Goldik, 143014
Non-technical skills of anaesthesiologists
ESA Academy, Rona Patey, 143032
How to get a grant - research, teaching and education
ESA Academy, Marcelo Gama de Abreu, 143031
Cancer pain and palliative care interventional pain therapy
ESA Academy, Narinder Rawal, 143030
Mechanisms of Chronic pain
ESA Academy, Valeria Martinez, 143012
Pain in particular populations the elderly and those with mental impairment
ESA Academy, Christophe Perruchoud, 143029
Emergency Medicine Modules
ESA Academy, Thorsten Haas, 143011
Advanced Airway Management in Emergency Medicine
ESA Academy, Harald Genzwürker, 143010
Part 2 Neonatal Resuscitation
ESA Academy, Thomas M. Berger, 143009
Update in neonatal & paediatric emergencies
ESA Academy, Nigel Turner, 143028
Part 1 Neonatal Resuscitation
ESA Academy, Thomas M. Berger, 143008
Safe airway management in Emergency Medicine: Current concepts
ESA Academy, Arnd Timmermann, 143027
Airway Management in The Critically Ill Patients and Patients with Tracheostomy
ESA Academy, Tim Cook, 143026
Postoperative Delirium
ESA Academy, Claudia SPIES, 143025
Fluid management in the critically ill patient
ESA Academy, Gernot Marx, 143007
Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury and Other Complications
ESA Academy, Philippe Van der Linden, 143024
Airway Management During One-Lung Ventilation
ESA Academy, Mert Senturk, 143006
Anesthesia and The Elderly Surgical Patient - Physiology and Vulnerability
ESA Academy, Gabriella Bettelli, 143005
Does regional anaesthesia influence outcome?
ESA Academy, Markus Hollmann, 143023
Pharmacology of Local Anaesthetics
ESA Academy, Malachy Columb, 143003
Patient blood management: a multidisciplinary strategy to reduce the need for allogeneic blood
ESA Academy, Aryeh Shander, 143022
The pediatric airway
ESA Academy, Thomas Engelhardt, 143002
Allergy and anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Lene Heise Garvey, 143021
ESA Academy, Gary Stocks, 143001
Update in mechanical ventilation in the obese
ESA Academy, Jan Mulier, 143020
Autonomic Nervous System
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142652
Anaesthetic Drug Interactions
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142651
Use of the encephalographic signal as a window to the brain
ESA Academy, Gerhard Schneider, 143019
Principles of Pharmacokinetics
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142650
Rational use of vasoactive drugs
ESA Academy, Michael Haney, 143018
Circulatory Physiology and Pharmacology
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142649
Maintenance of oxygenation throughout airway management
ESA Academy, Samir Jaber, 143017
Basics Modules
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142648
Anaesthesia Modules
ESA Academy, Gabriella Bettelli, 142647
Block superficial cervical plexus to relief chronic neuropatic pain
ESA Academy, Marta Freijeiro, 162911
Pharmacodynamic differences of rocuronium in immobilized ICU patients
ESA Academy, Els Brands, 162912
Exploring the variability in response to rocuronium in routine clinical practice using GE-Navigator
ESA Academy, Ross Kennedy, 162913
A Phase 1 infusion dose optimisation study of ABP-700 in healthy adult volunteers targeting light to moderate sedation
ESA Academy, Peter Meyer, 162914
Comparison of deep vs. moderate neuromuscular blockade on low-pressure pneumoperitoneum for laparoscopic cholecystectomy
ESA Academy, Javier Barrio, 162915
The effect of deep versus moderate neuromuscular block on postoperative respiratory function in bariatric laparoscopic surgery: a randomized, double blind clinical trial
ESA Academy, Pascal J. Vanelderen, 162916
Assessment of effect of neuromuscular blockade level on surgical and peroperative conditions during low pressure laparoscopic cholecystectomy
ESA Academy, Hulya Basar, 162917
Novel selective relaxant binding agent for the reversal of pipecuronium and rocuronium induced neuromuscular block
ESA Academy, Ákos István Fábián, 162918
Effect of dexamethasone on cisatracurium-induced neuromuscular block
ESA Academy, Sang Hun Kim, 162919
Influence of acute normovolemic hemodilution on the potency and time course of action of rocuronium in rabbits
ESA Academy, Kyo Sang Kim, 162920
Comparison between TofScan® and TOF-WatchSX®: excellent correlation in measuring neuromuscular recovery
ESA Academy, Anaïs Reis, 162921
Residual neuromuscular block a myth or a real risk
ESA Academy, Marta Ortega, 162922
Reversal of neuromuscular block by sugammadex preserves airway reflexes better than that by neostigmine
ESA Academy, Kyriakos Kokkinis, 162923
Reversal of neuromuscular blockade with sugammadex in type 2 diabetic patients
ESA Academy, Nicolas Varela, 162924
The interaction between sugammadex and dexamethasone in the rocuronium induced neuromuscular blockade in the rat hemidiaphrqgm preparation
ESA Academy, Junyong In, 162925
Sugammadex associated severe and persistent bradycardia. A complication to fear?
ESA Academy, Ligia Reis, 162926
Does dexamethasone diminish sugammadex reversal of neuromuscular block?
ESA Academy, Katja Rezonja, 162927
The availability and free use of sugammadex affects the choice of the neuromuscular blocking agent (NMBA) and the cost of neuromuscular blockade in general anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Elissavet Ypsilanti, 162928
Sugammadex overdose? Randomized trial with 1 or 2 mg/kg of sugammadex to reverse moderate rocuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade
ESA Academy, Juan Fernández-Candil, 162929
Prolonged recovery time of PTC1 to TOF ratio100% from rocuronium-induced muscle relaxation in patients with severe chronic kidney disease after receiving sugammadex in sevoflurane anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Akihiko Maeyama, 162930
Sugammadex use, lower abdominal surgery, and female sex are factors for early extubation after gastrointestinal surgery
ESA Academy, Shunichi Takagi, 162931
Severe bradycardia and asystolia associated with sugammadex
ESA Academy, Leina Spencer, 162932
Sugammadex reversal of inadvertent subcutaneous injection of rocuronium - a case report
ESA Academy, Vitor Gonçalves Savoia, 162933
Reverse Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in the setting of acute abdomen
ESA Academy, Anastasia-Eleni Legga, 162934
A case report on a patient with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome presenting for scoliosis surgery
ESA Academy, Ee Ling Ng, 162935
takotsubo cardiomyopathy and hip fracture - delay the case or proceed to surgery?
ESA Academy, Alexander Izakson, 162936
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy associated with anesthesia - a case report
ESA Academy, Helena Rodrigues, 162937
The effectiveness of prophylactic doses of intravenous nitroglycerin in preventing the incidence of myocardial ischaemia under general anaesthesia; a systematic review and meta-analysis
ESA Academy, Hiroshi Hoshijima, 162938
Novel etomidate analogues: optimized anesthetics that does not arouse prolonged adrenocortical suppression
ESA Academy, Wensheng Zhang, 162939
Bolus administration of ephedrine and etilefrine induces transient vasodilation just after injection in man
ESA Academy, Zen'ichiro Wajima, 162940
Acute mesenteric ischemia in a patient with severe cardiac disease
ESA Academy, André Braga, 162941
Creatinine reduction ratio is a good prognostic factor of perioperative acute kidney injury and long-term renal function after cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. A single centre retrospective cohort study
ESA Academy, Akiko Anzai, 162942
Influence of caudal traction of ipsilateral arm on ultrasound image for supraclavicular central venous catheterization
ESA Academy, Jin-Tae Kim, 162943
Evaluation of a capnodynamic method for monitoring effective pulmonary blood flow in an ischemia and reperfusion porcine model
ESA Academy, Thorir Sigmundsson, 162944
Recruitment maneuvers: supine position compared with prone position in major spine surgery
ESA Academy, Vianney Kieffer, 162945
The effects of different pressure pneumoperitoneum on the pulmonary mechanics and surgical satisfaction in the laparoscopic cholecystectomy
ESA Academy, Leyla iylikci, 162946
Influence of the pressure measuring site for velocity / pressure loops and rationale for a transfer function
ESA Academy, Jona Joachim, 162947
Effects of intraoperative protective lung ventilation on postoperative pulmonary complications in patients with laparoscopic surgery: prospective, randomized and controlled trial
ESA Academy, Jae-Sung Lee, 162948
Intraoperative FiO2: Is practice following the evidence?
ESA Academy, Claire Boynton, 162949
Alveolar-arterial gradient and risk of hypoxemia in morbidly obese patients the day after laparoscopic bypass surgery: sustained effect of Boussignac CPAP?
ESA Academy, Daniela Filipa de Pinho, 162950
Individualized positive end-expiratory pressure setting in obese patients during general anesthesia - a randomized controlled clinical trial using electrical impedance tomography
ESA Academy, Philipp Simon, 162951
Oxygen Reserve Index (ORI): validation of a new variable
ESA Academy, Thomas Scheeren, 162952
Pressure-regulated volume control ventilation
ESA Academy, Sasima Dusitkasem, 162953
Lung Ultrasound to detect anesthesia-induced atelectasis in adult healthy patients
ESA Academy, Enea Kosic, 162955
Cognitive dysfunction rehabilitation using Mentalplus® digital game. A possible future tool to cognitive rehabilitation in POCD
ESA Academy, Livia Valentin, 162956
The end-tidal desflurane concentration for maintaining bispectral index below 50 in adult patients
ESA Academy, Ryota Yokoyama, 162957
Dynamic resting-state fMRI during ketamine anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Lynn Uhrig, 162958
Preoperative predictors of postoperative cognitive dysfunction after y-graft replacement for abdominal aortic aneurysm
ESA Academy, Masakiyo Hayashi, 162959
The minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of sevoflurane for maintaining the bispectral index below 50 during noxious stimulation
ESA Academy, Atsuhiro Kusumoto, 162960
Risk factors involved in the onset of postoperative delirium after transurethral prostatectomy in elderly - a retrospective study
ESA Academy, Carmen Savu, 162961
Correlation between Bispectral Index and endtidal sevoflurane concentration during maintenance of anesthesia in intellectually disabled patients
ESA Academy, Fernando Abelha, 162962
Comparison of three NIRS devices for the measurement of microvascular reactivity
ESA Academy, Kevin Steenhaut, 162963
Bispectral index monitoring of a lithium-medicated patient with bipolar disorder
ESA Academy, Cristiane Gurgel Lopes, 162964
The effects of sevoflurane and propofol anesthetics for regional cerebral oxygen saturation during the operation of lower extremities with pneumatic tourniquet
ESA Academy, Airi Kumasaka, 162965
Sevoflurane sedation in a rat model of sepsis: systemic and neuro-inflammation
ESA Academy, Martin Schläpfer, 162966
Differential inflammatory effects in the brain and post operative cognitive performance from surgical trauma when compared with anaesthesia exposure without surgery
ESA Academy, Gordon Tin Chun Wong, 162967
Effects of general anesthesia with propofol versus desflurane on oxidative stress and inflammation in obese patients scheduled for bariatric surgery
ESA Academy, Nicolò Sala, 162968
Effects of total intravenous and balanced anesthesia on cellular immune response in cervical cancer patients - preliminary results
ESA Academy, Irina Ristescu, 162969
Gene expression of anaesthetic and analgesic drug targets in breast cancer tissue is associated with metastasis, but not local recurrence
ESA Academy, cara connolly, 162970
Genomic instability detected in anaesthesiologists exposed to trace concentrations of waste anaesthetic gases
ESA Academy, Leandro G. Braz, 162971