ESA Academy eLearning modules
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 155778
Pain Modules
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 155777
Intensive Care Modules
ESA Academy, ESA Academy, 155776
Understanding the evidence: Risk scores and risk prediction
ESA Academy, Nathan L. Pace, 143034
How to Succeed at MCQS
ESA Academy, Sue Hill, 143015
Promotion of a safety culture in anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Ravi P. Mahajan, 143033
Non-Technical Skills Modules
ESA Academy, Zeev Goldik, 143014
Non-technical skills of anaesthesiologists
ESA Academy, Rona Patey, 143032
How to get a grant - research, teaching and education
ESA Academy, Marcelo Gama de Abreu, 143031
Cancer pain and palliative care interventional pain therapy
ESA Academy, Narinder Rawal, 143030
Mechanisms of Chronic pain
ESA Academy, Valeria Martinez, 143012
Pain in particular populations the elderly and those with mental impairment
ESA Academy, Christophe Perruchoud, 143029
Emergency Medicine Modules
ESA Academy, Thorsten Haas, 143011
Advanced Airway Management in Emergency Medicine
ESA Academy, Harald Genzwürker, 143010
Part 2 Neonatal Resuscitation
ESA Academy, Thomas M. Berger, 143009
Update in neonatal & paediatric emergencies
ESA Academy, Nigel Turner, 143028
Part 1 Neonatal Resuscitation
ESA Academy, Thomas M. Berger, 143008
Safe airway management in Emergency Medicine: Current concepts
ESA Academy, Arnd Timmermann, 143027
Airway Management in The Critically Ill Patients and Patients with Tracheostomy
ESA Academy, Tim Cook, 143026
Postoperative Delirium
ESA Academy, Claudia SPIES, 143025
Fluid management in the critically ill patient
ESA Academy, Gernot Marx, 143007
Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury and Other Complications
ESA Academy, Philippe Van der Linden, 143024
Airway Management During One-Lung Ventilation
ESA Academy, Mert Senturk, 143006
Anesthesia and The Elderly Surgical Patient - Physiology and Vulnerability
ESA Academy, Gabriella Bettelli, 143005
Does regional anaesthesia influence outcome?
ESA Academy, Markus Hollmann, 143023
Pharmacology of Local Anaesthetics
ESA Academy, Malachy Columb, 143003
Patient blood management: a multidisciplinary strategy to reduce the need for allogeneic blood
ESA Academy, Aryeh Shander, 143022
The pediatric airway
ESA Academy, Thomas Engelhardt, 143002
Allergy and anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Lene Heise Garvey, 143021
ESA Academy, Gary Stocks, 143001
Update in mechanical ventilation in the obese
ESA Academy, Jan Mulier, 143020
Autonomic Nervous System
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142652
Anaesthetic Drug Interactions
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142651
Use of the encephalographic signal as a window to the brain
ESA Academy, Gerhard Schneider, 143019
Principles of Pharmacokinetics
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142650
Rational use of vasoactive drugs
ESA Academy, Michael Haney, 143018
Circulatory Physiology and Pharmacology
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142649
Maintenance of oxygenation throughout airway management
ESA Academy, Samir Jaber, 143017
Basics Modules
ESA Academy, Session Speakers, 142648
Anaesthesia Modules
ESA Academy, Gabriella Bettelli, 142647
Nitrous oxide reduced a required dose of remifentanil during low flow sevoflurane anesthesia
ESA Academy, Yushi Adachi, 163075
Using of prothrombin complex concentrate in obstetric massive bleeding
ESA Academy, Oleg A. Tarabrin, 163335
Hemomediastinum resulting from sternal intraosseus infusion in a critical situation
ESA Academy, Gnaho Alexandre, 164104
Prolonged neuromuscular blockade following a bolus of succinylcholine and Rett syndrome- a case report
ESA Academy, Luísa Perry da Câmara, 163091
Anaesthetic management of a parturient with becker's myotonia congenita using propofol, rocuronium and sugammadex
ESA Academy, Martina Kosinova, 163351
Safety and efficacy of awake intubation with McGrath® videolaryngoscope (VLS) in patients with predicted difficult airways: a case series
ESA Academy, Rosa Gallo, 164120
Which provides better postoperative recovery or quality of life after laparoscopic surgery, fentanyl or remifentanil?
ESA Academy, Ayako Asakura, 163108
Relation between fentanyl dose and level of consciousness measured with patient state index during spinal anesthesia for elective cesarean section
ESA Academy, Hiroki Iwata, 163367
The method of gender selection mask size of the intubating laryngeal mask airway for overweight and obese patients
ESA Academy, Vitaly Stamov, 164136
Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome and laparoscopic surgery: is this a cause for concern?
ESA Academy, Fabiana Lucci, 163124
Obstetric risk factors for unintended dural puncture and subsequent labor outcome
ESA Academy, Orbach Sharon, 163384
Predicting (and managing) the morbid obesity-difficult airway (MODA)
ESA Academy, Naveen Eipe, 164152
Evaluation of the maximum force onto the maxillary incisors during endotracheal intubation using simulator. Comparison by anesthetic experience or by types of laryngoscope
ESA Academy, Hitoshi Sato, 163140
Magnet assisted endotracheal intubation as an alternative approach to difficult airway management
ESA Academy, Marta Grynovska, 164168
Ultrasound guided identification of the crico-thyroid membrane to facilitate front of neck access in obese parturients; a feasibility study
ESA Academy, James Shannon, 163402
Comparison between methods of anaesthesia induction using a combination of TCI and constant infusion rates
ESA Academy, Ana L. Ferreira, 163156
Anaesthesia data warehouse: opportunities for confronting theory and reality
ESA Academy, Mathieu Jeanne, 164185
Local anaesthetic resistance in a parturient
ESA Academy, Ping Chen, 163418
Pharmacodynamic differences of rocuronium in immobilized ICU patients
ESA Academy, Els Brands, 162912
Are epidural infiltrations associated with the increased rate of postoperative infections?
ESA Academy, Marta Martin Lozano, 163936
Perioperative management of coexistent fat oxidation defect and malignant hyperthermia
ESA Academy, Saeda Nair, 163172
Declaration of Helsinki Implementation boosted by a SENSAR simulation and debriefing course
ESA Academy, Estrella Terradillos, 164201
Ultrasound-guided sub costal transversus abdominis plane block for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in infants
ESA Academy, Ouahid Rahil, 163434
The availability and free use of sugammadex affects the choice of the neuromuscular blocking agent (NMBA) and the cost of neuromuscular blockade in general anaesthesia
ESA Academy, Elissavet Ypsilanti, 162928
Ultrasonography-guided pulsed radiofrequency in comparison to fluoroscopy-guided conventional radiofrequency on medial branches supplying lumbar facet joints
ESA Academy, Sherry Nabil Fanous, 163953
The risk factors of postoperative nausea and vomiting in female population undergoing thyroid or breast surgery in Taiwan
ESA Academy, Ming-Yen Lee, 163188
Prolonged hospitalization predictors in radical prostatectomies
ESA Academy, Cátia Tavares Ferreira, 164217
The additional structured behavior observation, a new tool to assess emergence delirium in children after surgery
ESA Academy, Timur Issaev, 163450
Evaluation of a capnodynamic method for monitoring effective pulmonary blood flow in an ischemia and reperfusion porcine model
ESA Academy, Thorir Sigmundsson, 162944
Drug-induced HPA axis alterations during acute critical illness: a multivariable association study
ESA Academy, Bram Peeters, 163969
Effects of anesthetic drugs on otoacoustic emissions: experimental study
ESA Academy, Hayrettin Daskaya, 163205
Do children with learning disabilities get the perioperative hospital care they need?
ESA Academy, A Sultanpori, 163466
Analysis of communication errors during on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
ESA Academy, Keiko Okuyama, 164234
Risk factors involved in the onset of postoperative delirium after transurethral prostatectomy in elderly - a retrospective study
ESA Academy, Carmen Savu, 162961
Functional isotope imaging evaluation of terutroban efficiency in a pro-inflammatory rat model of subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)
ESA Academy, Tonon David, 163986
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis exacerbated after spinal anesthesia
ESA Academy, Rui Carvalho, 163221
Perioperative factors of organ dysfunction and 6 months mortality in elderly patients undergoing major gastrointestinal oncological surgery
ESA Academy, Lea Satre Buisson, 164251
Coagulation profile in obese parturients undergoing elective cesarean delivery with post-partum hemorrhage evaluated by thrombelastography
ESA Academy, Dario Galante, 162977
Intra-pleural fibrinolytic therapy in a patient with fibrotic tracts in pleural effusion observed in lung sonography but not in tomography scan
ESA Academy, David Cancho, 164002
Development of an experimental model to evaluate bupivacaine induce ventricular arrhythmias in a porcine experimental model.Preliminary evaluation of intralipid
ESA Academy, Ramiro López-Menchaca, 163237
Establishing the catalogue of basic procedural skills (BPS) practiced in anaesthesiology-intensive care departments - a regional French survey
ESA Academy, Alain A. d'Hollander, 164267
The effect of two different general anaesthesia regimes on postoperative sleep quality
ESA Academy, Kassiani Theodoraki, 162993
Paravertebral block and TAP block for perioperative pain relief in kidney donors undergoing open nephrectomy: a randomized controlled trial
ESA Academy, Purabi Acharya, 163254
Ultrasonographic evaluation of right hemi-diaphragm excursions for prediction success in weaning from mechanical ventilation
ESA Academy, Samanta Pridane, 164022
Respiratory complications in infants undergoing general anaesthesia: laryngeal mask airway versus endotracheal tube - a randomised controlled trial
ESA Academy, Britta Sylvia von Ungern-Sternberg, 164283
The performance of PhysioFlow during major abdominal surgery: comparison with two Doppler monitors
ESA Academy, Jie Zhang, 163010
Comparative study between dexmedetomedine and Fentanyl as adjuvants to bupivacaine in paravertebral analgesia for breast surgery
ESA Academy, Ahmed El Beleehy, 163270
Improving care of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery: introduction of a post-operative care pathway
ESA Academy, Jonathan Aron, 164038
How do we change behavior - with money, media or training?
ESA Academy, Monty Mythen, 164302
Intra-abdominal temperature changes during robotic assisted laparoscopy
ESA Academy, Fouad Atallah, 163027
Effects of epidurally administered ropivacaine concentration on the hemodynamic parameters
ESA Academy, Jungmin Hong, 163286
Surgical Pleth Index (SPI) as a tool for monitoring depth of analgesia and sedation in critically Ill patients
ESA Academy, Julia Biesel, 164054
Spreading depolarisation in acute cerebral injuries
ESA Academy, Jens Dreier, 164320
Minimum alveolar concentrations of sevoflurane in patients with end-stage liver disease
ESA Academy, Joanna Stefaniak, 163043
Organ function during porcine haemorrhage and resuscitation with pre-existing atherosclerosis
ESA Academy, Elena Antonucci, 164070
Haemodynamic changes in patients with cardiovascular diseases under low-dose spinal anaesthesia during anorectal surgery assessed by impedance cardiography in lithotomy or jack-knife position
ESA Academy, Jurgita Borodiciene, 163303
Postresuscitation care
ESA Academy, Jerry Nolan, 164336
Does intraoperative opioid influences postoperative opioid requirement? A retrospective observational study in 202 patients submitted to bariatric surgery
ESA Academy, Patricia Ramos, 163059
Epidural analgesia in a labour parturient with Tinea versicolor: a rare case without enough literature
ESA Academy, Ignacio Hinojal Blanco, 163319
Single administration of fluoxetine improves memory function without neuroprotection after cardiac arrest/cardiopulmonary resuscitation in mice
ESA Academy, Noriko Taguchi, 164087